Levelling the flagstone floor

We had previously uncovered these flagstones in the sitting room, Catriona removed the concrete floor that covered it (one winter when the water supply froze!) We were both hugely excited by finding the flag stones and hugely disappointed that they were in such a mess. They are cracked, wobbly, loose and so uneven that you trip over them (dangerous when drunk), and they are covered in hard red concrete that we couldn’t find a way to remove. On top of this, each stone is several inches thick and weighs a tonne, making the removal of them to clean up a very expensive process.

Tom, our builder (Grand Master Stone Mason) is totally un-phased by the floor, told us to mark the ones we wanted levelled with an ‘x’ and to leave it with him. Well he didn’t disappoint! In two days he had finished and it looks better than we could have imagined. It still needs cleaning up, that comes later after the building work in this room is complete, but we now have a floor that we can expose and enjoy, especially when drunk.


    1. We have a specialist company coming in to clean all the hard red cement off, polish them up and seal them. They are actually blue/grey, it’s called Hornton Blue so local stone (the quarry was at the top of Edgehill) and is almost impossible to find now as they no longer quarry it xx

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