Snow day

Seven months and a day after we started the renovations, I woke up to a covering of snow along with the freezing fog that is still covering the village. The gate lock is frozen so I left it locked and had a ‘snow day’. Sunny June seems a long way away right now. Good to… Continue reading Snow day


A day we have been looking forward to for months, the day the scaffold comes down to reveal the front of the house and the roof. It’s all been hidden away behind the scaffold, until this morning. It rained all morning while they were taking it down but then the sky turned blue and the… Continue reading Beautiful!


It was a day of lime plastering with the top coat being finished in the study and being added in Zanna’s bedroom, while a second coat is being added to the landing and stairs. Our freshly repaired old front door looking resplendent with a coat of oil. Mitch and Alan starting on the stairs and… Continue reading Sublime!

Challenge Anneka!

Cat’s now working full time so it’s over to me to manage both houses and all the trades. It’s been an exhausting week culminating in a crazy Friday when I didn’t even have time for a cup of tea. It was a beautifully sunny morning with an azure sky after a night of heavy rain,… Continue reading Challenge Anneka!

Scaffold goes topless

The scaffolders return today to remove the tin roof and the sheets around the sides (which have been destroyed by a few storms). The four of them form a chain to pass the metal sheets down from the top. The first peek of our new dormer windows. They look lovely! Although we have spotted a… Continue reading Scaffold goes topless