Birthday boy

One month after seeding the front lawn and look at it now! It was Colin’s birthday so we found a suitable cake for him (we couldn’t find Colin the Caterpillar). Best mates! Also, hard to believe he is 52. Sunny mornings in the house. Cat brought this beautiful glass ornament back from Venice. The chimney… Continue reading Birthday boy

Moving day!

The day we have been anticipating for many, many months now has finally arrived. Today we are moving back in!!! Excitement is mixed with exhaustion after the last few days/weeks/months but we have a team of 10 very jolly volunteers from the village who arrive at 9am on a Sunday morning (on a sunny Bank… Continue reading Moving day!

Xmas not at Pear Tree

We were originally supposed to be back in the house around September/October, but when it was apparent that wasn’t going to happen our next deadline was Christmas… That has now come and gone too sadly but we did cook the turkey in the oven at Pear Tree Cottage. We accidentally purchased an enormous turkey from… Continue reading Xmas not at Pear Tree

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