Another damn leak!

This did not make me happy this morning (massive understatement). Yesterday Andy fitted the two new rads in the study, drained the heating system then filled it up and tested all the rads in the house on full, to check the whole system was running correctly. Before yesterday we had not had the rads on… Continue reading Another damn leak!

The doors

It’s very much a door themed weekend and Glynn is back with his amazing carpentry skills to help out. It must be one of the hottest days of the year so far though! Lengths of pine skirting and oak door architrave that Glynn has brought from his workshop for us to prime and paint before… Continue reading The doors

Moving day!

The day we have been anticipating for many, many months now has finally arrived. Today we are moving back in!!! Excitement is mixed with exhaustion after the last few days/weeks/months but we have a team of 10 very jolly volunteers from the village who arrive at 9am on a Sunday morning (on a sunny Bank… Continue reading Moving day!