Poo pipe part 2…

A busy day all round. Billy and Andy were back to continue the first fix pipework and to install the poo pipe into the house, Tom was installing more steel bars into corners and the steel angle above the shelves, while Dan was fixing the tie beam with the steel plates and new oak end. David (soda blaster) had finished the floorboards and timbers and they were ready to collect, so Cat and Colin spent a few hours there cleaning all the timber, then loading it on to the trailer and unloading it back at the house. Zanna spent the day on the computer editing films. All systems go!

Billy cutting out the 4 inch hole in the wall for the poo pipe.

Dan shaping and moulding the oak to fix the tie beam.

Tom installing the steel angle on the landing.

The steel ties being installed through the steel and into the wall with resin and grout.

POO PIPE! Yes, this is going through the sitting room… It is the only option to get the pipe from the back garden and up to the new bathroom at the front of the house with minimum damage to the walls. It will be boxed in (obviously!) so you won’t know it is there.

Pipework for the radiators in Zanna’s bedroom coming from the new bathroom ceiling.

Pipework in the ceiling above the landing.

New copper pipes in Cat’s bedroom.

FINALLY the toilet in the dining room is being removed! No more public wees!

Dan’s superb handiwork for the scarf joint between the new and old oak on the tie beam.

This is a thing of beauty. The new (old) oak was a gate post from Tom’s house!

Sexy scarf joint… You can just see the black steel plate bolted across the top of them both.

The coach bolts attaching the steel plate to the tie beam directly across the middle, where the beam has broken…

The problem with the steel plates is that they are dead straight. This is where the beam has broken and it has dropped either side of the break (I know!!!) The angle is extraordinary, so much so that we didn’t think it was the same beam before we uncovered both sides of it! The problem is that there is a massive gap between it and the steel that needs packing with timber.

This is Dan’s solution. He has scribed an old piece of joist into the gap and fixed it all together. It looks a little strange, but this may get plastered over ultimately so might not be seen. Even if it doesn’t this is fine. It’s honest and we like honest.

Colin thinking “Oh my god not again” as he contemplates how to best clean off the bicarbonate of soda from all this timber…

David lent them his airline and compressor, so they cleaned and loaded as they went.

The floorboards are looking gorgeous!

Look at the knots on that!!!

Wood porn.

This is Indie. Indie stole this glove from someone. He has a penchant for gloves.

Indie is very insistent that you play tug of war with him and his stolen glove. Indie is adorable.

We particularly love this door (it is the dining room door that fell off), it’s made of beautiful elm boards and built at a jaunty angle. Matches the house perfectly.

All safely arrived home!

Sexy matt black steel angles.

Matt black shoes ready to support the old timber beams.

All the floorboards are stacked up in the sitting room, ready for the next episode in the floorboard saga.

With the amount of man hours that have gone into these floorboards it is no surprise they cost so much to buy (if you can even find them). Dan will be fitting them back down (could take a couple of weeks of his time), then we will sand them and oil them… Ours are rapidly reaching ‘priceless’ status!

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