Floor no.2

The plan is to get the bathroom floorboards clean and dust free so they can be sealed today (Friday) then left overnight to dry before a coat of oil tomorrow. This is only practical to do at the weekend when the dust monsters are away.

Firstly they need a light sand just to smooth any rough bits, we are not sanding off any of the old patina.

Dan’s making great progress with the dormers, all 8 rafters have been added to the first dormer.

The pile of oak is getting smaller.

We love the rounded ends on the rafters.

Some emergency surgery is required for the floor. One of the floorboards has split at the end, so it gets chopped out and a replacement strip added in.

Cat finishing the sanding.

These photos are from last week when Dan was finishing the floorboards in Zanna’s bedroom. The knots in the boards sometimes fall out leaving a hole, so here is how to repair the hole.

Dan traces the shape of the hole on a piece of paper, cuts the paper out and glues it to a bit of board, then cuts around the paper template with the jigsaw.

When fitted it is left proud and the top (with the paper glued to it) is then trimmed down.

Finally, with all the prep done, the bathroom floor can be sealed. We are using the Osmo Wood Protector here as this floor will be getting wet, followed by one coat of oil.

The boards are coming up beautifully; warm, rich and chestnut in colour.

Cat worked until it got dark, she could still just about see when she finished. Another heroic effort by Cat!

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