Drain pipe world

Who knew this place even existed? Europipes in Shipston-on-Stour is a vast site (with a huge warehouse) with pipes and drains as far as you can see, Jasper was astounded. It was a quick pick up of more land drain bits and pieces, angles, T-joints and rubber adaptors (also, who knew land drain piping was so expensive!) and a jaunt out in the car for Jasper that isn’t the vets…

I don’t think Europipes get that many domestic customers, they seemed quite surprised when I turned up, but also impressed that we were ‘doing it properly’, not just digging a hole in the ground and adding gravel. I also liked them as they didn’t patronise me as I am female, unusual in the building trade… Ooo controversial but so f***ing true.

Woo hoo! The rest of the scaffolding is being taken down this morning so we can finally see the back of the house with all the new and renovated features. Very exciting!

Tom and George are repairing the bottom of the wall that was previously underground, removing the concrete tanking (is this the last of the concrete now!?!), repairing any stone that is damaged and repointing it with lime.

Ooo it looks so lovely and the end gable window looks at home, reinstated where it belongs.

The dust monster is back, but this time wielded by George, cutting up stone to repair the bottom of the front wall.

A bucket of lime with trowels, obviously.

Tom has had to dig out the pointing underneath the study window as it had cracked, so he is repointing this at the same time as the bottom of the wall.

Tom is also pointing around all the windows, sealing the gaps around the frames.

When this has gone off over night, it will be knocked back and tidied up tomorrow.

The oak boards that are being used for the window seats and the architraves around the doors. They look very rough before Dan starts work on them, after some planing and sanding they are totally transformed.

Dan working on the window seat for Zanna’s bedroom.

Tom pointing around Cat’s bedroom window.

George is pointing around the brackets that support the guttering and repairing bits that got cracked as these were hammered in…

Dan does prefer the hand held freestyle of cutting timber, especially good for making anything fit in this ‘house of no right angles’.

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