The giant claw

7.30am as I was getting out of the shower, I heard a very large lorry outside. The grab lorry was here to remove all the clay that we have dug out of the trench. Good job I was up!

The walk way that George had constructed up the mud mountain yesterday so he could make it even taller.

Our pear tree was surrounded by clay so thankfully Dan and George arrived and were able to carefully dig it out so the grab arm could clear around it.

He made very light work of the tonnes of soil that we had dug up. This would have taken 2 skips so it was definitely a good call. He didn’t quite take it all though as it filled the lorry, but the rest can go into the skip.

The trench through the neighbours garden is nearly dug. There was some concrete they had to dig up which took a little longer.

Tom and George clearing up the rest of the mud, putting it into the skip with the help of Scoopy.

Some of the hardcore has gone down, this is all the old and broken tiles that we took off the roof, more recycling. It will have more hardcore and pea gravel to fill the trench, then will be topped with blue slate gravel to form a path running along the front of the house.

The (very expensive) land drain pipes have arrived and are being laid in the trenches. The pipe is perforated on the top half so the rain water drains into the pipe, but the bottom half is solid to take away the water from the gutters, as the downpipes feed into this pipe.

Dan has managed to use the other half of the board with the beautiful burrs in it (that we used for the bathroom) to make the window seats for the landing window. We didn’t think it would be big enough, but delighted it was, the burr details are fabulous. These now need oiling then can be fitted.

Dan is now working on the window seat for the front dining room window, using one of the very large boards we got from Doug yesterday.

Our rose bush has a new temporary home at the top of the skip while its home is being dug up. It will be going back in under the dining. room window.

The half perforated drain pipe catching the down pipe from the guttering and running into the neighbours property.

Dan checking the fit of the window seat in the dining room.

This massive pile of stone is our old drive and path, made up of broken up old flagstones (bloody heathens). We will use these for the retaining wall around the lawn.

The last stones coming up from the driveway. They had all been cemented in of course…

We will add a layer of hardcore here then cover with blue slate.

The last of the crazy paving style drive coming up.

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