Our old front door

Having finished all of our windows, Glynn is now working on the old oak front door and frame. It is in a bit of a sorry state. There is a lot of daylight around the frame, there has been since we bought it, so we taped it up with black carpet tape to stop the howling gales! The door did open, with the help of a crowbar to lift it up, the hinges had dropped as the bottom of the frame was rotten.

Glynn starts by removing the extremely rotten doorstep and cutting out the bottom of the frame. The frame had been repaired before, in exactly the same place, so Glynn cut out the repair using the same diagonal joins.

This is what was left of the old doorstep, not a lot!

The new doorstep being shaped to fit.

Cat is on a window and bathroom painting marathon today. The weather is gloriously sunny and dry so perfect conditions for it.

Glynn has fitted the glass into the interior window on the landing that he built last weekend and it looks great. Just need Lee to fit the last leaded light here and this window is finished.

Cat continuing to paint her bedroom windows and the dining room window. These should be getting glazed next week.

The oak to repair the frame and fillets around the old oak door.

The bottom of the frame gets fixed to the doorstep. This was the most complicated frame Glynn has had to build. Absolutely nothing is straight or square, so the calculations and angles involved were quite extraordinary.

You can see the extraordinary angles here! A proper head scratcher!

The new frame and doorstep now fitted and fixed in place.

The frame gets glued and screwed to the old frame.

The bottom of the old oak door is very rotten and will need new oak spliced into the bottom of it. Glynn is going to take the door away to the workshop where it will be easier to repair.

Tom returned to knock back the pointing on the gable end wall and the coping stones. The roof is now finished and wow, it looks amazing!!!

Tom had to replace one of the coping stones. This is one of the flagstones from the study that we found piled up in the buttress keeping the walls up…

Glynn scribing in the inner fillet to cover the gap between the old frame and the stone wall. He has scribed this by using a pair of compasses to follow the curves of the stone wall. He also needs to cut it at the most extraordinary angle so it will fit into the angled stone walls.

Cat cutting in the bathroom ceiling with Farrow & Ball Wimborne White.

Cat painted two mist coats on to the plaster, so the top coats of paint go on smoother (and you need fewer coats).

The sitting room window and sill are looking stunning! We can’t wait to remove all the plastic covers, but for now they need to stay on to protect them from the plastering.

The scribed oak fillets on the inside of the front door frame. You can see the extent of the scribing that was required.

Glynn has blocked off the door temporarily with a piece of chipboard.

The fiddly plasterboard in the attic. Nothing is straight or square so it is very time consuming for the plasterers.

Very excitingly, Cat has got the walls in the bathroom painted with Farrow & Ball Ammonite and we love it. Worth all the hours we have spent pouring over paint swatches.

Poor Jasper had to have another operation on Friday to remove the rest of his broken claw as it was not growing back correctly… He has a big bandage wrapped around it and 3 poo bags to keep it dry.

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