Snow Sunday

After a freezing cold night we had a blizzard Sunday morning and 2 inches of snow came down in about an hour!

Even the cement mixer looks pretty.

Cat has lit the wood burner in the sitting room to keep the house warm today. Last night we lent all the oil heaters to a neighbour across the road as their boiler had just broken!

Jasper adores the snow and was so ridiculously excited that he span around and around obliterating the lovely fresh snow in a matter of seconds.

It had been so cold in the night that the snow settled thickly on everything. So pretty!

The morning dog walk was totally magical.

Cat has started oiling the beams. The rich colours come alive with the oil.

Not an easy job as the beams are far from smooth with lots of cracks and holes and the oil has to soak into it all.

Lucky for us the snow meant that Colin couldn’t work on the aircraft he was planning to (no flying today) so he returned to help, oiling the beams above the staircase from up the ladders.

Admiring Colin’s handiwork.

The main cross beam and the chimney breast are finished and look fabulous!

Cat has started to clean up the new oak balustrade at the top of the stairs. It has been covered in plastic for so long we had almost forgotten we had it. Colin is still up the ladders…

We are so glad we oiled all the timbers before the plasterers started, it makes the plaster a little easier to remove.

Cat looking as tired as she feels! She will hate me for posting this photo.

We have a lot of butterflies who hibernate in our house over the winter, mainly inside the bread oven in the inglenook fireplace (they hang from the roof like bats) and when the heating comes on they start to wake up. With the wood burner lit today we have had a few wake up thinking it is Spring.

One of the boxes from our posh light switches comes in handy to make sure the butterflies can sleep in peace. This will go into the garage in a safe place where they won’t be disturbed until Spring.

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