Green or blue?

Cat only has one day off work this weekend so we need to make it count. I have spent the week prepping the sitting room so it is ready for her to paint and this morning I finished off the last bits while Cat had a sort of lie in and walked Jasper.

The sitting room is being painted with Fenwick & Tilbrook’s Aged Copper claypaint. We love the colour, it really does look like aged copper, but we cannot agree on whether it is more green or blue. It is obviously a mix of them both but in different lights and in different contexts it can look either green or blue. I believe it is more green and Cat is in the blue camp.

I am still rescuing butterflies who are waking up a bit too early and popping them into the hibernation box in the cold garage.

Selecting the colours for the dining room walls. These three are the green/grey shades.

These three are the blue/grey shades which we think we prefer here. I will get some test pots of these and see how they look on a larger sample.

Immediately the room feels larger as the darker colour makes the wall appear to recede.

Cat is cutting in the edges with her teeny tiny brush.

Meanwhile I have started in the study, scraping the plaster from the stones and beams and scrubbing the orange dust from the pointing and stones.

The colour we love but we are no longer happy with the wobbly edges of the plaster around the stones. In fact Cat actually hates it. Think we may need to get the plasterers back to re-plaster the edges straight…

The colour looks fabulous with the warm colours of the elm. Cat looks as tired as she feels. She is so tired she has two styes on her eyes.

Cutting in around the window seat.

It looks blue here.

Dad, who popped by for a cuppa, contemplates whether it is green or blue.

It looks green here.

Colin popped by at the end of the day with one of his mum’s homemade lemon drizzle cakes. He also helped us finish up.

It was as yummy as it looks and we almost completely demolished it!

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