Ugh. Garage.

Sunday and we had help from our cousins to clean out the garage. Another epic task that Cat cannot manage on her own.

Cat has started to prepare the walls in the dining room, filling the lime plaster where it has been damaged on corners etc. This room has had the most traffic over the last few months and has been used as a workshop, so it’s really scruffy with scuffed walls…

Corners of lime plaster tidied up where it had been knocked.

The wall around the front door was the worst, but the beauty of lime plaster is that it is super easy to repair 🙂

We have changed our mind about the colours for the dining room. We had chosen two shades of grey, but we have decided they are too, well, grey. We love the grey/blue in the attic (F&B’s De Nimes) and want something similar in Fenwick & Tilbrook’s claypaint.

We have found a mid blue, very similar to De Nimes (card sample underneath them), and a warm neutral from our previously rejected samples.

The colours are Fenwick & Tilbrook’s Still Norfolk and Sheringham Beach.

I start scrubbing the plaster from the timbers in the dining room.

As the timber is so old and craggy (aren’t we all) it makes it a bit trickier to clean, but being lime plaster it comes off fairly easily.

The lovely old lintel over the front window. Not a straight line or flat surface anywhere!

Ken: Skip or keep? Cat: I don’t know! Don’t make me decide…

It may all look like shit, but most is cleverly disguised solid old oak and elm that’s just a bit dirty.

One side cleared, we can access the shit at the back of the garage now.

Moving the long boards out of the house.

The good stuff gets put back in the garage in nice ordered piles.

Nice ordered piles of all our salvaged wood. Thanks Ken!

We can now see what we have and access it when we need to.

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