The calm before the storm

Saturday morning and Cat is back and oiling the new oak doors and frames that Glynn has recently fitted.

The bathroom door frame now has a coat of protective oil.

Sam is here just for the morning to tidy up the cables in the eaves in Cat’s bedroom, fit the lights and switches (that he removed last weekend when trying to locate the earth issue) and fit a new smoke alarm.

Sam had already fitted our new smoke alarms a while ago, but we have had to replace the one in the sitting room at the bottom of the stairs with this (expensive) slimline Google Nest smoke alarm. The reason being is that we plan to replace the door here with a new oak door and the smoke alarm was so deep that we wouldn’t have been able to open the new door… As you can see on the left, the current pine door doesn’t fit the frame so there is a large gap at the top. Also this door is so thin that it wobbles when you open it like something from a cheap film set, so we can’t wait to replace it!

Our new Google Nest smoke alarm and our new Google Nest Thermostat (which will be fitted by our plumber).

Cat oiling Zanna’s new oak bedroom door.

Jasper and his best friend.

Jasper’s face after I tell him the new Harry Potter style cupboard under the stairs will be his new bed…

Jasper inspecting Sam’s work.

Cat oiling the oak window seat at the front of Zanna’s bedroom.

Colin finishes off the epic task of painting the study ceiling, then gets the tiny brush and tidies up the green wall paint, touching up the areas he had filled and the edges around the ceiling.

Cat is caulking the attic dormer windows before she can finish painting them, another job she has been putting off for ages as it is not an easy one (there are so many edges!)

In the morning Mike, our plasterer, called to let us know he would be able to get one of his team to start plastering the staircase wall, attic cupboards and Cat’s bedroom wall tomorrow and that they would drop off the plasterboard today! They are SUPER busy (as is everyone on the industry at the moment) but they don’t want to let us down. Amazing! Working on a Sunday! All systems go!

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