Acid house

Antonio and his team were back with plenty more acid thankfully, to continue cleaning the flagstone floor.

This machine scours the stones with a huge wire brush removing the concrete. It’s a slow process and uses a great deal of acid as the concrete is bloody stubborn.

Antonio and his team scrape a flagstone at a time once the acid has softened the residue.

The acid doing its job. It doesn’t damage the stone though as it just acts on the concrete.

3 floor cleaners and what looks like R2-D2 in the sitting room, and Tom in the background pointing the study wall. Lots of cups of tea and chocolate biscuits were served today!

Delivery day from Shipston Building Supplies, more lime plaster and sand and some timber for the roof.

The flagstones are totally transformed. We cannot believe it is the same floor that we uncovered nearly 3 years ago. The colours are gorgeous, some flagstones are Hornton blue and Hornton orange, with seams of orange running through. We love them.

The study wall that Tom pointed, he returned at a ridiculous time on Saturday morning to knock back the mortar and was done by 8am! This is the finished wall. Wow.

This is the blocked up door in the study through to our neighbours.

As we have no glass in the window, this was our makeshift cover to protect the window from any further rain, but it has made it bloody dark inside!

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