Almost a whole floor!

Dan’s masterpiece is nearing completion so we almost have a whole floor. No more balancing on loose boards and joists! He has moved on to the bathroom floor today as this is all he can do on Zanna’s floor for now. The end section will be completed later, when Dan works on the landing floor, as the boards continue through the doorway in one piece (there is a mega long board that came up from here).

We cannot wait to get these oiled as the grain and colours in the boards will come alive, but this will have to wait until all the floors are finished (they will then need a light sanding before being oiled) and Cat is flat out on window duty at the moment!

Dan fitting the last bit of the doubled up sound insulated membrane. Not an easy job as he is kneeling on the joists and steel angles to do this, there is no floor here yet.

Fitting the last board (for now).

Scribing in the board to fit around the door frame, another interesting way to use a jigsaw!

A perfect fit.

George and Tom are still working outside on the pointing today, an awful wet day…

Sam the electrician is back today to connect up more switches and sockets with cable, he is also fitting a Cat 6 Ethernet cable throughout the house so we can plug in directly (WiFi doesn’t go through the stone walls as they are so thick).

Sam is also helping us with the new lighting throughout the house. This is our new glass pendant light (for the stairwell). Sam is replacing the cable with old fashioned style braided cable and a brass chain and ceiling rose. We love the glass shade but not so keen on the shiny silver accessories.

Cat 6 cable being installed. We did have to run out and buy some new electric cable for Sam as Dan & Tom had used it to tie up the sheeting on the scaffolding on Tuesday morning in the storm….

This Cat 6 cable is shielded, so you can run it alongside the electric cable.

Cat’s next challenge (and it’s a big one) is replacing all the old putty in the metal windows. Another very time consuming job as she literally has to chip it off by hand, one tiny bit at a time, very carefully so as not to break the glass…

I could hear a lot of giggling coming from the garden and looked out to see Tom and George sitting on the floor like naughty school boys, both pointing the corner of the wall (Tom is training George). They were even in sync with their trowel work.

Dan and his tools on the move from Zanna’s bedroom to the bathroom.

Boards in waiting.

Sam is always smiling no matter what the weather 🙂

Sam fitting his cables through the attic floor joists.

Dan chipping away at the stone ledge in the chimney breast, to get the floor level as the floorboards sit on this ledge. Previously the floor rose up so much on this side of the room it was quite dramatically sloped.

It’s raining heavily again. Bastard rain.

Water was coming up through the dining room floor from the old pipes left over from the bathroom. Outside we could see why, the drain was blocked so everything coming down from the gutters was coming up the pipes into the dining room…

This gutter had been removed to point the wall, so me and Cat fitted it back on, sort of, and attempted to run it away from the house. A temporary fix but the house was no longer flooding at least.

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