All hands on deck

Monday morning and we have a full house! Tom and George are back after 2 weeks away, Billy and Andy (our plumbers) are here for 2 days to do the first plumbing fix, and Sam (our electrician) is here to complete the work needed before the plasterers start.

We also had a visit from Pete and Roger (our roofers) to assess the roof and building control arrived to inspect the dormers and discuss our new staircase. We are hoping Pete and Roger will be able to fit the roofing felt in the next week (possibly Wednesday) to make the house water tight, and it turns out we don’t need to box in our staircase up into the loft after all as we have a fire escape route out through the dormer windows. Great news on both counts! We are now trying to design some kind of trap door to go at the top of the stairs for privacy… Any ideas welcome!

Billy is fitting the pipework for our new radiators before the plasterers start. They need to be placed in situ so that the copper pipes can be fitted in to the exact position.

Some of the radiators are going to need levelling as our floors do still undulate a little. This one is on the flagstones in the sitting room which will always be a bit undulating. The difference here is about 10mm on one side so we may add a section of copper pipe fitted vertically directly underneath the foot, cut to the size needed (so the opposite way to what is pictured here, this was just to get them level for us to see). Either that or we may use old pennies resined together to the necessary height…

Our posh cast iron lookalike plastic poo pipe has been fitted outside.

Sam has fitted our brass wall mounted back boxes inside the inglenook fireplace with the brass conduit and they look great.

Andy is fitting the poo pipe along the walls inside, continuing this upstairs and into the new bathroom.

Tom and George are making incredibly rapid progress with the pointing on the front of the house.

Tom has been training George to point in lime over the last couple of months, and now George can almost keep up with Tom – that is quite a feat in itself!

Discussions about how and where to get the radiator pipes up into the attic.

Cat is now sanding the new dormer windows before getting them oiled before the roofers fit the roofing felt (possibly on Wednesday).

The landing floor before we cover it over with Ram board again. The colours and textures are GORGEOUS.

One of our old doors that we were planning on using for the new bathroom. Sadly, it’s a little short.

Way too short to use! We may use this for the cupboard under the new stairs instead.

Tom is loving being back on the pointing. Not really, he can’t wait for it to stop.

Our old dust sheets, soaked and hung up to stop the lime pointing from drying out too quickly.

All the coverings! There is a house under there somewhere…

Cat is conquering her fear of heights rather well during this renovation.

Here she is balancing on one of the purlins while oiling the dormer window and not holding on…

Zanna went to see the new oak ledge doors that they have in Warwick Reclamation yard. Unfortunately they only had one the width we need (30′) but this was damaged (these are the other widths). Need to carry on looking…

Our lovely friend at the top of Edgehill brought us two of her homemade Tiramisu puddings to cheer us up after our tough week! These finished off the day beautifully. Thank you Malgosia xxx


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