Another day, another window

Sunday, we wake up feeling a little better, a little rested, slightly less emotional and ready to get back to it. Glynn is back to build a new oak frame for the window in the gable end wall, and repair Zanna’s bedroom window at the front.

The frame being constructed, with the same profile as our other frames, but with a recess for a new heritage double glazed unit.

The heritage double glazed unit, ordered through Tamara Glass in Leamington. Heritage double glazed units are thinner than standard units.

Glynn fitting the window frame in place.

Cat is back on the floors, sanding the boards on the landing so they are ready to oil today.

Glynn is on fire today, he is now repairing Zanna’s bedroom window!

The curve of the frame is very pronounced, and Glynn has got to repair this with a straight piece of oak…

He has managed to straighten the frame a little, as much as he dares before it splits, to attach the new piece of oak so that it’s tight to the old oak.

Cat carefully sanding one of the boards where the grain has raised up so much it will catch on bare feet and dog toes.

Colin is back to help, he’s on nail pulling duty to begin with.

Glynn is filling the joins between the old and new oak, with an audience!

Cat is sanding the old oak beam in Zanna’s bedroom.

You struggle to stand up on the scaffolding here unless you are 4ft tall, it really makes your back ache, and kneeling on the scaffolding isn’t comfy either. Removing a plank to sit down and work is genius. We hadn’t thought of that.

Glynn adding the silicon to the frame to fit the double glazed unit.

Colin sanding the black water marks off the new oak joists in the study. The edges and corners are tricky as you can’t get a sander in there. The top half of the joists will be hidden by plasterboard so this part is not so crucial to get cleaned.

Cat oiling the beam in Zanna’s bedroom ceiling, while starting to oil the floorboards (and rocking the ageing skateboarder look).

Zanna is back on hoovering duty.

So is Colin.

The metal window is being fitted back into Zanna’s bedroom window, this window is the best fit of them all.

The repairs to Zanna’s bedroom window frame, filled and sanded.

The rest of the frame needs the remainder of the old paint and filler stripped, it is on Cat’s list but not a top priority this week!

Glynn is sponsored by Makita.

These radios are awesome.

Our beautiful new/old unblocked window in the evening sunshine, fitted and oiled and looking amazing.

Colin has finished sanding and cleaning the study joists and has moved on to the sitting room.

WOW! The colours in this floor are fabulous! This long, wide board and the two to the left are the boards from the property developer who was throwing them out. They are a slightly different colour to ours, less warm in tone, so for these boards we have used an amber tinted oil to match them to ours and it seems to have worked a treat.

Our new window looking fab from the inside on the staircase. It seems weird not to have rain and wind coming through this window anymore!

Colin looking a little dusty.

Jasper posing on our evening walk in the woods with a beautiful sunset.

Cat finishing off oiling the floor in the dark, using just her phone as a torch to work by…

Colin chipping off paint and filler from the main beam in the sitting room. Many of the old holes in the beam were badly filled, some looking like they were filled with chewing gum! None of these need filler, so we are removing it all.

Colin removed the old nails that would have previously been used for plasterboard. They had been hammered in rather than pulled out of the joists, and there are hundreds of them. To sand the joists these need to be removed, it also won’t hurt so much when tall people hit their heads on them.


  1. Hi there. Just discovered your blog, amazing what you’ve achieved! The house is gorgeous. We’ve just moved into a listed building and feeling a bit nervous about what needs doing – I wondered if you’re able to share the details of the heritage double glazed window you used? We have singe glazing throughout and would like to get permission for double glazing.

    1. Hi Andrea, you can get the slim Heritage double glazed units from any glaziers. We only used this for the reinstated window that had been blocked up. All the other windows in the house are original single glazed units and we have spent weeks (and many pounds!) renovating them all. Generally with listed buildings it is unlikely you will be allowed to replace the windows with double glazing, as it should be, as this will change the whole appearance of the building. Firstly you need to assess if you can repair them (like we have), if the windows are beyond repair you must replace like for like. It all depends on whether the windows are original and specified in the listing (ours are) of course. You will need to discuss this with your Conservation officer.

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