Clean & tidy!

Yesterday me and Cat had a big clean and tidy. You can get across the dining room floor now the oak has been moved. Everything we need is on the big shelving unit, organised and accessible. We also washed everything as the dust left nothing untouched!

We have swept and hoovered the bathroom, landing and Zanna’s bedroom. It feels so much better to have clean rooms, it’s been a while.

We haven’t seen the dining room floor since June!

Our old radiators that we are keeping and putting back into the dining room. We will replace these with cast iron ones in phase two.

Now we have removed the partition that was cutting this window in two, Cat has started stripping the paint. It is another gorgeous old oak window.

Layers of paint removed, there is a last stubborn layer of green/brown varnish type stuff. It’s really bloody hard to remove.

Today Dan is starting the dormer windows and we are super excited about this. They will transform the attic and the back of the house.

This is a proper headache for Dan as there is a great deal of working out required and complicated planning involved. The two dormers need to be level with each other when you see them from outside, but the roof isn’t level and neither are the purlins. The floor is though, so he will work off that.

Dan has cut the rafters where the dormers will be, the top purlin will be cut too, but this happens right at the end.

Dan’s enjoying this challenge, I think he is also glad to no longer be fitting the floorboards…

This window is turning out to be beautiful. The grain in the wood is fabulous.

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