Grand Master Stone Mason

The gable end wall is almost fully repaired. This has been quite a challenge, this wall had so many cracks and was crumbling so badly we weren’t sure it was going to stay up!

Grand Master Stone Mason doing what he does best.

This wall is almost ready for the coping stones to go on top, once the roofers have fitted the lead flashing.

The end of the steel about to be built into the gable end wall, supporting the purlin end that was barely touching the wall.

The ‘monster’ end coping stone ready to hold all the other coping stones in place.

Our plumber Billy in a cloud of stone dust while he chases in the water pipes for the radiators coming down the wall from Zanna’s bedroom into the study.

Billy looked like Tom, the dust monster, when he was finished!

Once chased in, the pipes can be hidden in the lime plaster.

Billy is a very tidy worker, we like this.

In the meantime Cat is in a world of pain with the metal windows. The task is pretty epic actually and I think it is somewhat overwhelming her. She is testing the external paint on this window. I love it but Cat is unsure, she thinks it is maybe too blue (it is grey but appears blue in some light).

The insides we are keeping as metal, but they need to be sealed to stop them from rusting. With the help of the experts in Brewer’s she has found a suitable sealant that is clear and not wax based. It is very tricky to paint on, but Cat’s painting is immaculate. The edge between the external paint and the interior seal is perfect!

Dan has returned to the floors, this is the landing where the new staircase to the attic will be and is the last floor to repair. This is by far the worst floor for historic woodworm. There is a board in the middle that has had a big hole in it since we moved in. I got used to tip-toeing around it across this floor, if you walked across it you would bounce with the floor. It was very disconcerting.

The first board to come out just crumbled away…

The second board wasn’t much better and split in half.

It is no surprise to us though, we were expecting to have to replace a few of these boards.

A view we won’t ever see again.

All the boards taken up and placed carefully next door in order. There are a few that are too far gone, but in fact they are in better condition than we expected.

This reminds me of those pavement artists who draw massive holes in the ground and it looks like you are standing right on the edge about to fall.

I have got used to walking across floors like this now. Cat hasn’t.


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