The old & the new

We are bloody glad that we covered over all the windows yesterday, we also covered parts of the roof where we know rain comes in. Today there have been some torrential downpours but all our covers are holding up and protecting our precious timber windows and floors.

Dan has fitted the new oak posts that will be supporting the purlin and added a stop chamfer to the posts to match our joists. They look very smart holding up our lovely old purlin.

Cat hates the world today. What was supposed to be a quick job, sanding the stairs and oiling them, has turned epic, of course. And she’s so tired.

The stairs themselves won’t be too difficult, but the kick boards down the sides are. They are covered in the super hard grey paint that takes forever to remove, little bit by little bit, all while wearing a mask as the paint is lead based.

You can imagine how bad her language is under that mask.

This is going to look fabulous! This is made from elm and the grain on it is beautiful. We love the rustic feel of this, it was painted with black gloss when we moved in.

One last delivery from Shipston Building Supplies? It was a very wet one today.

These posts were fitted by Dan last night, this morning he is cutting the purlin…

It took a lot of cutting as it was rock hard and the roof didn’t collapse which was nice.

Dan is leaving the ends of the purlins long until the walls have been plastered, then they will be cut back to sit flush with the plaster.

This dormers are really taking shape.

Off-cuts from the oak used for the two dormers. This will all be kept and used for something. Any ideas welcome!

Dan’s had a clean up and tidy. There was a lot of sawdust everywhere and with the strong winds it was all blowing down onto Cat on the floor below, adding to her swearing!


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