Float coat

A short post today as it was a quiet day with only Charlie and Mitch on site and, after a morning of painting windows, Cat spent the afternoon asleep on the sofa.

Charlie and Mitch are working on the second ‘float’ coat of lime plaster and plastering the ceiling in Zanna’s bedroom. The ‘float’ coat is so called because it is applied with a wooden float (very similar to a trowel, but not a trowel).

Mitch mixing up the plaster for the ceiling.

Cat has oiled the inside of the new oak window frame in the end room and primed the outside to protect it from the weather and dust.

Charlie tidying up the edges above the exposed stone.

Finishing off the ceiling. Good god this looks like hard work…

Applying the patterned finish on the float coat with the ‘devil’s float’, a wooden float with screws coming out of it, looking more like a weapon.

The first scratch coat and the second float coat with their differing patterns.

Cat carved our tiny home grown pumpkin for Halloween. Tape measure for scale.


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