OMG the last window!

Thank the lord for that, but in true Pear Tree Cottage style, it saves the worst until last. This window was way beyond repair, so Glynn is building a new frame out of oak, again in a day! Not only that but it rained all bloody day and there is no shelter under the scaffolding, or plastic sheeting, for this window…

The old window frame. The wonkiest window we have.

Glynn trying to work out how to make the sill flat and square, some customisation is definitely required…

The new oak ready to be made into our window frame.

Our rotten old frame…

Glynn moves inside the dining room when the rain starts to get heavy.

‘Pete the meat!’ Tom and George’s graffiti on the top of the gable end wall. Our roofer, Pete, will appreciate this.

The roof on the back of the house with the bottom three rows of tiles running out, where they all had to be individually measured and cut to size. This took Roger a long time to do last week.

The off-cuts. We have plenty of tiles so this is no problem.

Jasper feeling like we all feel today.

Lee and his son are back to fit the leaded lights in the landing window. Unfortunately he can only fit one as the other doesn’t sit straight in the frame, so it will need further tweaking by Glynn. This will have to wait until next weekend, Glynn is utterly maxed out today.

The beginnings of our new oak frame.

Routing out the mortise and tenon joints.

The dowels being added to lock the mortise and tenons.

Glynn trying it for size, it still needs a bit of work to fit in the very wonky opening, but it looks fabulous! Sadly it is pissing down with rain now.

Our lovely new frame with the zinc glazing bars added, ready for the glass to be fitted in a couple of weeks. You can see the customisation required here. The frame has a triangular fillet added to the top so it will fit in the opening.

The finished frame gets covered with plastic sheeting immediately as the rain is not stopping.

Glynn fitting the catches for the bathroom window.

Cat (after doing her daily window tasks) has been cleaning out her bedroom and finally removing the old stud work that hid all the plumbing from the old water tank (when it was in this room).

Woo hoo! Another find! Cat found this when removing the stud wall in her bedroom. This time a 1944 threepence with George VI on the back. The year both of our parents were born.

Glynn fitting the window furniture on our new oak frame.

We think this window stay might be bronze… It is much heavier than brass. It was covered in thick white gloss paint for decades.

Sunday and Cat paints a few more windows and does some more hoovering before trying to have an afternoon off. This didn’t happen but she did finish early at around 3pm, then sat on the sofa and watched some TV.

The window recess in the sitting room with the second ‘float’ coat of plaster. This can’t be plastered too thick as we want to reinstall the wooden shutters here and this is where they fold back into.


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