Heavy metal

This roll of lead weighs the same as a grown man. This is the super thick lead (code 6) that will be going on the cheeks of the dormers.

The lead that was retro fitted into the oak frame yesterday.

The front of the dormers are being rendered, but they need a lead sill to catch any run off.

These lead sheets are very easy to cut and shape

Thankfully Dan is back today, just in time as we have plenty for him to do. The plasterers are getting to a point where they need things boxed in, stud walls built etc. so they can continue with the plastering.

Charlie working on adding the plasterboard to the ceilings on the landing.

Pete and Bo continuing with the tiles on the front of the roof. I am in awe of how easily they walk up and down the roof!

It turns out the tile vent for the bathroom extractor fan doesn’t match the roof tiles very well at all… The roofers think they may have one at their yard that is textured and will be a better match.

Cat inside with the extractor fan, checking it’s in the right place.

Cat continues to paint windows…

Jasper continues to chew his toe, so he is back in the cone of shame.

The moisture resistant plasterboard is being fitted in the bathroom.

A fiddly job cutting around taps and pipes.

The stud wall that Dan has built in the attic to close off the room from the stair well.

It was a bit of a head scratcher as it has to join the chimney breast to the beam, neither of which are straight.

The lead gully around the sides of the dormer. Now this is on, the lead cheeks can be fitted over the top.

Old sofa cushions and a ladder are used to climb up the roof where the tiles have been added.

Tea break. Progress is good, over half of the front is complete and it is looking fabulous.

We don’t have enough of the hogs back ridge tiles for the main roof and the dormers, so we had decided to use the triangular ridge tiles on the dormers.

Well, we have changed our mind now we can see how it looks with the tiles. It looks too modern. The hogs back ridge tiles would look much better. This means we have to find some more…


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