Sealing the ceilings

Alan and Charlie custom fitting all the sound insulating plasterboard between each joist. Each board has to be scribed to fit as none of the joists are straight or parallel and there can’t be any gaps either as the sound insulating qualities would be compromised.

The study ceiling almost complete, ready for a skim of plaster.

The soil pipe cannot be boxed in until our plumber replaces the cracked waste pipe above along with this small section between the joints. Hopefully this will be Friday otherwise this could delay the plastering…

Alan scribing in one of the boards.

A time consuming process and there are so many of these to do! I calculate around 60 between the two rooms!

George has moved all the roof tiles now, so is continuing with the pointing on the gable end wall. He’s very happy to be sitting down in the dry today!

Bags and bags of plaster for the ceilings. The ceilings do not have to be plastered in lime, so we will be using a standard gypsum plaster.

The join between the old and the new oak frame in dining room window. Cat has been sanding it down after removing all the putty and old paint.

Our bathroom tiles have arrived at the Tile Studio in Banbury.

They are even more beautiful than we remember, we cannot wait to see these on the wall.

One tile was broken so they replaced it. These might just have to stay in the Land Rover for a while as they are extremely heavy!

The grout and silicone in the colour that we selected (06).

Zanna has made a new friend of the local Bengal cat who lives around the corner. As you can see it is very affectionate.

Zanna used to have a Bengal called Leo (who now lives with Dad) and he is almost identical to this one.

Cat finishing off sanding the inside of the dining room window.

Jasper doesn’t like graffiti, especially when it is incorrectly spelled.

Zanna is fed up with having to wear wellies, so spent some time building steps through a particularly muddy and slippy part of the path through the woods. Jasper sat and watched patiently, wondering why so many sticks were being wasted.

Hideous looking fungus.

Super cute looking fungus.

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