Weekend of windows & tidying

Our next deadline looming is for the windows. We have Lee coming on Tuesday next week to fit our renovated lead windows, so Cat needs to have all the window frames primed and painted inside and out.

Saturday morning and Glynn is back to repair Cat’s window this time. It is one of the worst ones to be honest, the sill definitely needs replacing, just how much of the mullions need repairing we will find out when Glynn takes a look.

Cat priming the inside of the study window, ready for the top coat.

Glynn fixing a piece of timber across the mullions (to stop them moving around) before he starts to cut out the rotten sill.

Each upright is different, a different size and a different profile, making the job all the more difficult for Glynn.

The oak for the mullion repairs, all different!

Cat’s window marathon continues. She is painting on a stain blocker on to the interior of Zanna’s bedroom window as oils from the wood are coming through the primer.

Glynn cutting out the sill so the mullions will fit, again each one is different!

The new oak sill has been fitted and Glynn is applying the filler to cover the joins.

Cat is back on the sitting room window, removing the dust created by sanding down the filler, before painting.

Back on Zanna’s bedroom window.

Back on the study window.

Unfortunately some lime plaster has infiltrated our stair covering and has smeared our lovely elms stairs… We slightly underestimated how messy the plastering would be and they have only just started.

Zanna has scrubbed much of the plaster from the stairs. We need to cover these better, with plastic, in fact we are going to need to wrap up all our exposed timbers in plastic.

Another amazing job by Glynn! The finished frame with a new catch. The metal opener fits much better than it did originally, there was so much putty, filler, paint and seal that the poor window could barely shut!

The window stay now has a catch to fix to.

The catch that Glynn fashioned out of one that came off another window. It was too long so he cut it down and shaped it so it matches the shaped ends of the metal window bars. Thank you Glynn!

Sunday morning and our cousin Alison and Ken arrive for the day to help out. They start by making room in Cat’s bedroom for the new bathroom, then move all the new bathroom bits up the stairs, then they empty Cat’s car of the (really heavy) bathroom tiles.

Cat is back on her bedroom window. It needs a coat of paint asap to protect the timber from the elements.

Zanna is not much help today as she has properly hurt her back.

Ken and Alison then move on to wrapping up all our timbers in plastic.

The attic beams all wrapped up. Half of them are yet to be sanded and oiled by Josh, so they will have to wrapped later.

This morning you couldn’t walk across this floor! All rubbish has been thrown into the skip, and everything else is now sorted and stacked up tidily.

Our heavy new tiles in a safe place where they won’t get damaged.

The small end room with the bathroom bits and pieces safely out of the way for now.

Back on the study window.

Alison sanding the filler on the dining room window.

Cat and Alison working hard to get a coat of paint on the dining room window before it gets dark.

Cat’s bedroom window with a coat of paint, looking so much better already!

Ken has even sorted and tidied our (appalling) garage! There was so much dumped here you could barely get into it.

Then Ken sorts out the dining room which is the general dumping ground in the house. Everything ends up here and it had become so bad you could barely walk across the floor. Amazing work Ken!

And then they made us all dinner which they brought this morning from their local farm shop! These two have been amazing, and not just today. Tomorrow Alison is back to help us get the staircase measured up and ordered… Thank you so much xxx

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