Ancient kitten prints

Whilst sorting through all of our hogs back ridge tiles, Cat and Roger discover a tile with tiny kitten paw prints embedded in the clay!

So sweet to think a little kitten walked through the clay, possibly 2-300 years ago, and has left its mark for posterity!

Our old ridge tiles are a bit weathered so need sealing with a water repellant sealer to protect them from any water ingress.

Sorry Cat, but here she is sealing the ridge tiles.

The dust monster returns! Tom and George are repairing the stone wall at the front so are cutting quite a bit of stone today.

The front wall next to the front door is the most damaged exterior wall, the stone has crumbled away due to a combination of the super hard concrete pointing and the damp being transferred to the walls from the ground (possibly from really leaky gutters at some point in the past).

George is repointing.

Tom is repairing.

The roof is so nearly there!

Mitch has started the wet plaster on the end gable wall in the attic. This wall is not a pretty one, so wet plaster is perfect as it will retain the undulations and shapes of the chimney while covering up the cracks and helibar repairs.

Alan folding himself in half to access the very edges of the attic with plasterboard.

The hole in the wall between the two buildings does catch the afternoon sun beautifully, but it will be patched up this week making it a little less leaky in the house. It does come through here when it rains.

Cat carrying on with the bathroom shower tanking.

Dan is creating a window seat for the bathroom with the beautiful oak board with the burrs.

Planing the finished window seat, now we can really see the burrs!

The wall to the left of the door has been repaired and repointed.

It is looking like a different wall! This was in such a bad state…

Tom repairing the wall to the right of the front door, the stone is crumbling away here as well…

The shower walls and niches have been tanked and what a colour!

Mitch finishing off the first coat of plaster and adding a texture so the next coat will bond.

Alan fitting the very awkward plasterboard in the bottom of the eaves…

Our new oak window seat is going to look beautiful. Just needs oiling and fitting in place.

Tom is racing through his list of tasks, here he is digging out the old oak front door sill so Glynn can fit a new one at the weekend.

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  1. The oak window seat looks lovely. A snapshot of the nearly finished product. It’s a good job that you’ve kept a photographic record from the beginning as once everything is finished, you’ll forget how it all used to look Xx

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