It was a day of lime plastering with the top coat being finished in the study and being added in Zanna’s bedroom, while a second coat is being added to the landing and stairs.

Our freshly repaired old front door looking resplendent with a coat of oil.

Mitch and Alan starting on the stairs and landing.

Charlie has added the top coat to the end wall in the study, he leaves it for a few hours before smoothing it down.

The first coats of lime contain animal hair, quite a lot of it, this holds it together and strengthens the plaster.

Paul returns to fix the issue with the dormer windows. He has the oak cut and oiled ready to fit and add another coat of oil. We are hugely grateful that he can do this today, it would be near impossible to access this once the scaffold has been removed.

Our old guttering on the lower roof is failing, no surprise. The brackets have dropped here so the water sits in the gutter and pours out over the front, hence the big puddle next to our front door…

Alan is carefully plastering the sides and backs of the old shelves on the landing.

Charlie smoothing down the top coat in Zanna’s bedroom.

The top coat shaped, smoothed and looking beautiful on the long wall in Zanna’s bedroom.

The shape cut around the timbers is called a ‘bull’s nose’ finish. If you look at a picture of a bull’s nose, like I just have, you will see why 🙂

Paul didn’t take long to fix the dormers, but it was extremely cold up on the scaffold today so I didn’t envy him at all!

You can just see the oak that has been added between each joist to hide the insulation and to finish them off.

The first time I have actually looked at the TV aerial on the chimney closely. It is attached using wire that is wrapped tightly around the chimney, so no fixings are attached to the wall. I imagine this will last much longer than a couple of brackets screwed in. Our old TV aerial was screwed into one of the window lintels at the back of the house, and was hanging on with one screw (which did fail one cold, dark, windy evening last year, thanks for fixing it, Colin!)

We feel much happier now the dormers are fixed, we just need to get the glass in the windows replaced (it was temporary glazing as they couldn’t get the specific glass at the time), but this doesn’t need to be done from the scaffold.

The end wall in Zanna’s room with the window and shelves now has a top coat, complete with the bull’s nose finish around the timbers.

The landing now has a second coat.

The difference between the second coat on the landing and the top coat in Zanna’s bedroom. The top coat is such a lovely colour.

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