Even more sublime!

Cat is now away until Friday, having left at 5.30am to be in Bristol for work, so I will be holding the fort until then…

Mitch was off today so Alan was on wheel barrow and mixing duty in his absence.

The second coat of lime is being added to the dining room, the first coat went on last week and it takes around a week to go off enough for the next coat.

Alan plastering the dining room window reveal.

We need some more Rockwool acoustic insulation for the internal wall between the new bathroom and the landing, so I picked some up from Jewsons in Banbury. As Cat is away in her Land Rover I had to squeeze this into the back of my two door BMW. The warehouse manager pulled it in from one side while I pushed it in from the other! Lord knows how I will get this out!

Charlie is plastering the top coat in the sitting room.

Then moves on to help Alan finish the dining room.

Alan working on the dining room fireplace.

The squiggly walls in the sitting room, top coated and smoothed off and looking fabulously quirky.

The poo pipe has had another coat of lime, so it is looking less like a poo pipe and more like an original feature.

The stairwell has had the second coat finished and scratched up.

Tomorrow Charlie will be starting the plastering in the attic, so I have started to wrap up the purlins and beams that aren’t already wrapped up.

I carried on until late but crawling under the eaves upset my neck, shoulders and back annoyingly.

Looking up the stairwell at the textures on the second coat of lime.

I tucked Jasper up in bed but he didn’t stay in it. This is him, complete with his rug and cone of shame, making his way to the sofa.

Caught in the act!

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