It was one of those days when I think everyone was feeling a bit ‘ugh’, I certainly did and eventually went back to bed in the afternoon as my neck and back pain was a little overwhelming.

The weather was awful all day, cold and damp and grey, and the garden resembles a particularly rainy Glastonbury festival, complete with rubbish and what looks like discarded tents. Mitch is back (thankfully) and is tidying the site up as best he can for the moment.

We over ordered the roofing battens and roofing felt so these are being collected when we have a delivery of more sand today. Mitch has dug them out of the garden and stuck them on top of the skip so they are easy for them to collect.

Mitch is scraping up the excess plaster from the floor of Zanna’s bedroom.

Poo pipe disguise is coming along well.

Charlie has started plastering the attic, a mammoth task as the ceilings are vast and awkward but as this is modern plaster it will dry quicker than the lime and also only has 2 coats, thankfully.

Alan adding the Rockwool acoustic insulation into the cavity wall between the bathroom and the landing so we can finally pee in private!

Our lovely landlady popped around to discuss council tax issues and ended up having a tour of the house and then very heroically carried all the tins of paint and limewash from my car boot (where it has been for a few days as I can’t lift them) in to the house. The weather forecast predicted a frost tonight so I was keen to get them into the warm. It’s very expensive paint! Thank you Elaine!

I then took myself off to bed and didn’t wake up until everyone had left for the day, but it did help and I felt a little less sore. In the meantime Charlie, Alan and Mitch had been super busy with the first coat over half way complete in the attic!

Zanna’s bedroom with the finished lime plaster, almost ready for painting!

Glynn is going to be fitting our old front door on Saturday and it needs to have at least one coat of oil before then. In current chilly conditions this will take a couple of days to dry, so it needs to be done tonight.

This also needs to be done when everyone has left for the day so it doesn’t pick up any plaster or dust while wet. It will dry enough overnight so it can be covered in the morning.

The door with its doorframe in the background. We cannot wait to see this fitted and working again!

The multiple holes where old locks once existed. We love the base of the door handle (the handle was removed for Glynn to renovate the door).


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