A little planer

Dan has borrowed a little planer to plane the narrow 1 inch oak boards that we got from Doug Hutsby. These are to be used for the architraves and fillets around the doorways (new back door, dining room door and bathroom door) so need to be a thinner. There are also 4 lengths to plane, so this will be quicker and easier than doing this by hand.

It makes a hell of a racket, I could hear it from next door so came around to see George and Dan feeding the 10 foot planks through the machine (that is set up in the dining room) and out of the front door.

Cat’s immaculate silicone in the bathroom (I forgot to take photos of this on Monday after it had dried).

Dan has cut the new oak door for the bathroom down to size so it fits perfectly. We are awaiting the door furniture and hinges which are with DHL somewhere in the ether and should have been delivered yesterday…

At the foot of the walls, where the land drains will be, we are tanking the walls with slate. This will keep any moisture away from the walls. Pete has supplied us with 135 slate tiles to go at the front and back of the house.

The down pipe joining the half perforated land drain with a series of expensive bits of plastic.

Dan has started to add the oak fillets around the inside of the new back door frame in the sitting room by scribing along the shape of the wall, which is very wobbly. The original builders of this house were definitely heavy drinkers.

So I ordered a rubber coupler (oo err missus) on Friday from a plumber supplies shop but when I picked it up this afternoon I discovered that they had ordered something completely different for me. I ordered 80mm to 122mm, but what they decided I needed was 80mm to 110mm (the dimensions of a down pipe to a soil pipe). Mighty pissed off by this and I explained this is going into a land drain of 122mm diameter, not a soil pipe. I guess they just assumed that as I am female (and clearly NOT a plumber) that I must have got it wrong. FFS GUYS, STOP THIS. PLEASE. And by the way, you would never feed a down pipe into a soil pipe… pretty sure it is not legal.

I then had to ring up the nice people at Europipes UK in Shipston-on-Stour to see if they had the correct size, which they did, and drove over just before they closed to collect it.

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