Second fix electric

We are both so incredibly tired and quite frankly sick of all things house and just want to fly away to somewhere tropical, but sadly for a variety of reasons that isn’t going to happen. Cat is struggling to keep her spirits up working in the house alone and I am pretty pissed off that I can’t help, so it’s not a cheery house right now.

Just as we are feeling pretty low our electrician Sam arrives to work on the second fix electrics for a couple of days. It is just the boost we need as he finishes the electrics in the bathroom and works his way around the house fitting the switches and sockets.

The bathroom looks amazing and the mirror has transformed it! The mirror is heated and has lights around the outside edge making it appear to glow which we can’t wait to see working, but we will have to wait a little longer for this…

The mirror and lighting are perfectly positioned for the application of make-up and the use of tweezers and there are almost more lights in the bathroom than in the rest of the house! Above is the button on the mirror to turn the lights on and change the lights from warm white to cold light. Posh.

We love the wonky beam with it’s wonky reflection. It makes you feel a bit drunk.

All the lights in the ceiling are waterproof and directional so we can move them around.

All the switches are being fitted, a bit of a head scratcher trying to work out which one goes where. We have a few that aren’t right so need to exchange them for the right ones. Who knew there were so many different types of switches? I now know the difference between a two-way and an intermediate switch and where they go.

Sorting out the multiple cables and wires for the sockets and switches.

Sam is fitting the sockets and switches to the walls without the finished top plates (the posh bronze bits) so that Cat can decorate. The top plates will be fitted when all the decorating is finished.

The top plates will sit flush with the plaster and are larger than the back plates so will hide any ragged edges of plaster.

Sam fitting the directional spot lights in the correct positions (under instruction from both of us – see mirror!)

Cat has painted a mist coat and the top coats on the ceiling in Zanna’s bedroom, ready for Sam to fit the overhead light here, we can’t wait to see this! It’s really beginning to feel like a proper room again.

Farrow & Ball Wimborne White Estate Emulsion is being used on all the ceilings.

The white paint being used for the mist coat.

Boxes of bronze front plates are kept in each room, ready to be fitted when the decorating is done.

The niches in Zanna’s room. The plaster has been brushed removing any loose bits of sand, the timbers have been washed, sanded, scrubbed and oiled and the stone has also had all the plaster removed from it. This wall is ready for painting! How exciting!

The odd stone niche in the wall is a very unusual feature indeed. It looks like a stone animal trough turned on its side and plastered in the wall to form a shelf. Very odd indeed, but no odder than the table leg plastered into the window recess in the dining room…

Some of the timber features in the wall on the landing before they get cleaned up. We love the bull nose edges on the plaster work around these features.

Cat having a well earned tea break.

Also, Happy New Year! Delighted to see the back of 2020, let’s hope 2021 is fabulous.

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