Flippin’ filling

Cat is now on a new job during the week so will only have weekends to work on the house again, but this week she has been prepping at home so has been able to spend a few evenings filling, sanding and painting the bathroom, something she has not been looking forward to due to the sheer amount of filling needed, and how awkward it all is to get to. ‘Flippin’ filling’ is the polite version.

Filling the ceiling around the shower head, really bloody awkward, standing on a stool inside the shower.

Filling the two MASSIVE holes that our old plumber cut out of the wall for the bath waste, whilst squeezed under the granite worktop and behind the bath.

This required a great deal of filler. We also moved the bath as Cat couldn’t reach it all.

Tomorrow this will be sanded back and painted.

I can’t bend easily this week so cannot offer much practical help, although to help Cat get this done super fast I am acting as her assistant passing her tools, cloths, sandpaper etc., holding up the light and switching the hoover on and off with my foot, oh and being really annoying by taking lots of photos.

Hoovering the dust and anything loose from the wall before filling holes and scratches in the plaster.

Filling the screw holes used to fix the skirting to the walls.

Moving around to the radiator, all the holes in the wall for the pipes and wires need filling.

More awkwardness.

The copper pipes and cable get protected with tape before filling.

Oof, makes my back hurt just watching this.

A bit of a stretch to reach the screw holes around the extractor fan.

Sanding the areas around the shelf brackets where the paint came off with tape (this one was my fault, should have used yellow tape not green on walls…)

The following evening Cat paints the ceiling around the beam.

Cat has also sanded all the filler and painted the walls.

She has also caulked the skirting and painted one top coat.

The skirting on the landing has a second coat at the same time.

The massive holes are now almost invisible.

Cat has also oiled the new wooden feet for the bath.

The four wooden feet and chrome bath waste ready for the bath to be lifted back in to place.

Painting the filled ceiling where the bracket for the end glass shower screen will be fixed, while trying not to lean on the screen as it is not fixed!

Sliding on the chrome collar for the chrome bath waste to hide the hole through the skirting.

Over 33 metres of skirting for the attic has arrived from Shipston Building Supplies. The skirting is thinner and shorter than normal as it will need to bend around a very wonky wall up there… This will need priming before the weekend.

We also bought the pipe and connectors to finish off the soil pipe outside, along with an exterior Durgo valve.

The soil pipe will be extended across and up the side of the landing window. There will be a Durgo valve fitted at the top to balance the air pressure in the system.

This is where the pipe comes out of the house, and above this is where the smelly air will be expelled and fresh air will be drawn in.

I moved all the timber inside that Glynn will be using to build the cupboards in the attic at the weekend, so it is nice and dry.

Painting the lengths of skirting with primer, ready for Glynn to fit in the attic.

As I can’t get down to the skirting, the skirting had to come to me so the garden chairs came in handy for this.

We ordered new valve dial collars for the shower, to replace the ones that have been damaged and guess what??? This is what we needed. I even sent photos and made sure they double checked that the correct parts had been ordered.

This is what we received. The wrong bloody parts. Ugh.

Jasper being a bit clingy. Think he knows Cat is going away to work again next week…

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