A bit of privacy

Saturday has come around fast (again, where is the time going?) and Glynn is fitting our bathroom door today. I was all set for singing while I was on the loo…

The door is a new solid oak ledged cottage door bought from Coventry Demolition and has been oiled with Osmo Polyx oil.

Glynn’s measurements for cutting the bathroom door down to size. This is a new doorway and even this isn’t square!

The door is hung on its hinges and opens and shuts beautifully smoothly and thankfully doesn’t swing freely (I hate that in a door).

Hanging a door is not at all easy or quick, especially when the door and doorway are not square but none of this has phased Glynn.

We bought black, beeswax finished Arrow End T Hinges from the Suffolk Latch Company, to match the style and finish of other old hinges we have in the house.

The architrave and door stop have been fitted to the outside of the frame.

Looking good!

The Norfolk door latch from Jim Lawrence waiting to be fitted.

The latch also has arrow shaped ends to match the hinges.

The latch and lock from the inside.

It took us a long time to select the oak doors (we have 3 of them) as they were all different. The lady at Coventry Demolition was very patient with us! We selected all the ones with interesting knots and marks and this is our favourite one.

Our reclaimed elm floorboard shelves are waiting to be fitted in the bathroom.

It’s Grand National day and Glynn re-tunes away from 6 Music to listen to the race. Not only did a woman win for the first time but Glynn had also backed her and won!

Glynn has finished the skirting board in the attic, ready to be filled and painted.

Our skip is being collected next week so this weekend we are clearing everything from the back garden and getting rid of anything that is old, rotten or broken, starting with all of this wood. We kept everything just in case it might be useful but we have so much old wood in the garage we do not need anymore. This pile is the really old and knackered stuff that we were going to cut up and use as firewood but much of it is filled with nails which we neither have the time nor the inclination to remove quite frankly! It is going in the skip.

This was the rotten old sill from the sitting room window and still has the old window hook attached to it which we will keep!

Complete with millipedes.

A lot of these were old joists from the study and were replaced because they were rotten and soft. There was no saving these to use somewhere else.

The old metal water pipes in the top of the dining room fireplace (originally for an old back boiler from the 40’s/50’s) are being ground off by Colin.


Even our wheelbarrow has succumbed to all the hard work and is refusing to lift anything more (it has a flat tyre).

Glynn routing out holes for the hinges in the oak door architrave.

The oak architrave finishing off the bathroom door (just needs oiling) and the first of the old elm shelves are up and looking fabulous!

Positioning the two larger elm shelves above the bath.

Glynn fixes the shelves…

…to an audience. Like a topping out ceremony.

Not only has Colin cleared the back garden and filled the skip but he has fixed the lawn mower (it was very unwell and spewed black oil everywhere) and cut the grass!

Cat filling the big holes in the brick pillar in the dining room.

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