Bloody balustrade!

Thankfully Blake the carpenter has returned to finish the balustrade at the top of the stairs in the attic and this time he has all the oak pieces that he needs to finish the job.

His first task is to trim the floor boards back so that he can fit an oak bullnose edging to finish off the stairwell opening.

Blake cutting the oak edging down to size.

Some of the extra oak required, more spindles and oak cladding.

This piece of timber is added to the opening, just on this side, so the balustrade can be fixed into it.

This piece of timber gets clad in oak and the balustrade above starts taking shape.

Our Venetian bathroom blind has finally arrived from Blinds Direct (it was delayed by over 2 weeks), a necessity before we move in so we can use our loo in private… We are actually planning to move back in a couple of weeks (!!) but we have been saying this for the last 6 months.

These may look like some ancient weapons but they are our new window stays that Ian, our local metal worker in Tysoe, has made for us. The one at the front is our original window stay that we wanted replicated, we just needed the spike part that sits in the window frame made longer so it would be more secure.

These get fitted to the outside window frame. The thin bit of metal acts like a spring and catches the window when it is open and can be squeezed to release the window when you want to close it. It’s an ingenious design and better than a window catch as we can open the window fully. I will of course post photos when these are fitted so you can see exactly how they work.

The handrails are being fitted into place.

Measuring and cutting the handrail.

The oak base rail is fixed to the floor and the spindles fit inside this.

Colin is back to finish off the floor repair between Cat’s bedroom and the landing.

The next day Jason, his dad and Blake arrive first thing to assess an issue with the balustrade. Yes, just when we thought it was all going to be okay our house throws a curveball at us.

The opening for the staircase isn’t square so this is causing all sorts of problems trying to fit the square handrail. It isn’t just a little bit out, it’s enough to make the 45 degree angled joints not fit together at all well.

You can see how far the wall is off square… Yet another challenge to overcome…

Jasper won’t even let his best mate Colin take his stick.

Never let go.

The corners of the oak handrail, where they join, are going to need some work. Blake is going to plane and sand them so they fit together seamlessly.

Colin’s repair for the floor works brilliantly. Something to stop people falling through the floor and also something to fix the edge of the carpet into.

Looking good!

Just the last few spindles to add.

Finished and fabulous! No longer can we fall down the hole in the floor (thankfully, and amazingly, no-one did!)

This was definitely worth waiting for. It’s taken almost as long to fit the bloody balustrade as it did to fit the staircase!

Blake has done a great job of seamlessly joining the corners of the handrail.

It’s all finished off beautifully, ready to be oiled at the weekend before the carpet gets fitted on Monday. Exciting times ahead, after the carpet is fitted we can move in!!!

Because the weather has been so bloody awful this week, all the timber has had to be cut inside, so sadly Zanna’s bedroom, the stairs, landing and attic are all covered in a layer of saw dust again!

You all know how much I love hoovering.

We have a nest of baby Starlings above the front door and they are becoming messier and more unruly every day.

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