Lighting preview

Our monster’s head in the attic is now lit up and looking fierce. #iseefaces

Sam is not having an enjoyable day, the thumbs up is sarcastic as he tries to locate the earth issue discovered last weekend…

Taking these lights on and off is a total nightmare, but the ones in the lime plaster are even worse.

Testing the connections and wires.

Taking these switches on and off is also a nightmare as there are two back plates and multiple screws to remove (standard switches have just one back plate and two screws). This one also has three dimmers, adding another level of ‘bloody hell’.

Cat is crawling around painting the skirting in the attic.

These are some of our favourite lights and they look absolutely fabulous when lit up.

The main light in Zanna’s bedroom looking even better than we imagined.

The epic light in the old stairwell. We bloody love it!

The spot lighting up the new staircase.

Colin’s continues painting the study ceiling. It takes hours and hours to cut in around all the joists as you can imagine, then a fraction of the time to roller in between.

Cutting in the mist coat is nearly done.

Cat folding herself up underneath the purlins to paint the skirting.

The triple dimmer switches in the attic bedroom.

The two spots in the inglenook fireplace are working, these are also on a dimmer switch.

Finally Colin can roller the middle bits!

Sadly he has the top coat to do yet, hopefully it should only need one coat…

I have been attempting to tidy up the back garden. Everything is overgrown and long grass, goosegrass and brambles were taking over all our lovely plants. Our roses, clematis and lavender are still alive though.

Jasper with one of his many sticks.


Colin cuts the lawn in an attempt to save this one…

After it went dark me and Cat went over to the house to see it lit up at night and were not disappointed. This is one of the dining room lights.

The corridor between the dining room and the sitting room.

It’s almost like we have an extra room in here!

The wall lights in the study.

The sitting room light illuminating the old shelves.

The wall lights on the landing outside the bathroom.

Oh. My. God. We are in love with our bathroom! Swoon!

A lovely loo with a view.

That mirror!

Someone should be very pleased with herself! Cat has worked so hard on this room and as a result we have a very unique bathroom. Anyone who stayed over previously will remember our old bathroom with the ‘worst shower in the world’, there is no comparison to this!

The banana shaped beam that had to be plastered and filled above. We thought this might look weird but it blends in and looks perfectly quirky.

Zanna’s new bedroom door and radiator. The door is yet to be oiled, something that can be done after we move in.

The spotlight at the end of the room lights up the lovely texture of the lime plaster, especially the bullnose edging around the shelves.

The new staircase.

Very atmospheric.

Our monster in the attic looks more inviting than fierce.

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