Aerial shots

Another Saturday off ‘house stuff’ for me and Cat (who is catching up on some much needed sleep) and I am going flying with Colin. It’s my first time in an aircraft for 2 1/2 years, I have really missed this! We fly out over the village so circle around and take a few aerial shots of the house.

Our house is the one in the middle here, you can see the shiny new roof, the skip and rubbish in the front garden and the big hole in the back garden. You can also clearly see how wonky our house walls are, bowing out at the front and in at the back… The half of the house with the slate roof is phase 2.

You can see the woods on Edgehill behind the village, where we walk every day with Jasper.

Fuelling up! The sign on the funnel says: “Colin’s. No you can’t!”

Flying directly over the runway of Coventry airport. Believe it or not this is the safest route to take (at a certain height) as all the aircraft will be below us as they are either landing of taking off.

Navigating, old school style, my lesson for the day.

Happy Zanna!

And then, quite by chance, an aerial photography company were in the village selling their photos and had this one of our house from before we bought it. All the Leylandii trees and greenhouses (and lawns) are still there and the house next door, where we lived for the last year, has a rusty tin roof where the kitchen extension now is.

From above you can clearly see the roof extension where our front wall had moved outwards. It was extended with 2 rows of modern tiles and you can see the difference as they are shinier than the old ones. You can also see where the gable end wall is coming away from the main house, the tiles are breaking away from the roof…… God that was a big job.

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