A note from history

There is an old photo from 1895 framed on the wall in the village hall that I haven’t seen before. It shows the road outside our house with our garden (on the left with the fence), where a woman is standing and holding a baby. Frustratingly, it is another photo that doesn’t show our house… Continue reading A note from history

Another damn leak!

This did not make me happy this morning (massive understatement). Yesterday Andy fitted the two new rads in the study, drained the heating system then filled it up and tested all the rads in the house on full, to check the whole system was running correctly. Before yesterday we had not had the rads on… Continue reading Another damn leak!

Birthday boy

One month after seeding the front lawn and look at it now! It was Colin’s birthday so we found a suitable cake for him (we couldn’t find Colin the Caterpillar). Best mates! Also, hard to believe he is 52. Sunny mornings in the house. Cat brought this beautiful glass ornament back from Venice. The chimney… Continue reading Birthday boy

The last skip!

The last skip has gone!!! Yay, we have our garden back!!! We have had so many skips that we have lost count. I think this was number 11, could be 13 or 10, but we have had skips on the front garden for 15 months now (since June 2020) and as such it has become… Continue reading The last skip!

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