That Friday feeling

The scaffolders were back, nice and early, to add it to the back of the house. Still raining today but not biblical like yesterday. Only a minor panic as we have a mains electricity cable attached to the house at the back and this needed to be covered with a protector before the scaffolders could go near it. A phone call to the electricity board and they were here within the hour to do it. I guess the safety issue lies with them, hence the rapid response. We honestly hadn’t even thought about this.

Joist work in the sitting room ceiling progressing. They have moved to the front side of the room where the wall has moved away considerably. This is the more challenging side. The joists are quite a few inches away from the wall here!

Corridor from old house to newer side into Catriona’s bedroom, well at least it was.

Dan demonstrating his squirrel like abilities.

Very short joists with frightening old repairs in thin pine!

The electric wires will all be hidden and chased into the walls where possible.

This is the corner between the internal wall between the study and sitting room, at the front of the house where a large crack was visible in the plaster. It appears it might not be tied in with the front and back walls!!! If this is the case, it would explain why the walls have moved out so much… Our structural engineer will take a look at this next week. We may need to add steel brackets at the corners to tie these walls together.

Colin doing his regular building inspection.

Dad popping by for a cuppa and to check the house is still standing.

Cat had her first crop from her vegetable patch today. Radishes, lettuce, spinach and basil.

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