There’s a hole in the ceiling

Today the ceiling comes out and the new oak and steel goes in. This half of the study has the worst ceiling in the house. As you can see it has been rudimentarily fixed some decades ago with pine timbers literally nailed into the old joists. The original joists were in such a bad state here, split right through and rotten and were no longer fit for purpose, so we made the sad decision to replace them. All except one which was hanging on!

Tom with a hole in his T-shirt to match the ceiling.

Pine lengths nailed on to the joists a few decades ago in an attempt to strengthen them.

New steel angle added alongside the joist, which has rotted and no longer reaches the wall.

Steel angle gets attached to the central beam with an angled bracket and a coach bolt.

The steel is perfectly straight, but the joists are not. The joists do have a bit of flex in them though, so as the steel gets attached along the length, the joist gets flexed and is bolted in place so they are not only super strong but also much straighter than they were.

View into the study from Zanna’s bedroom door, a whole new view!

Both fireplaces in view!

New oak joists going in, having been sanded and stop chamfered beautifully by Dan. They look fabulous!

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