Final day of soda blasting and they finished the loft, cleaned the staircase and moved to the outside and cleaned all the door and window lintels, which meant we could safely watch the process in action.

David precariously balancing on the scaffolding at the back of the house (this bit is not boarded out) cleaning the lintel of the landing window.

A cloud of soda disappearing over our neighbours garden. Sorry Susie! Thankfully it is due to rain this evening.

The lintel of the dining room window, or what used to be our bathroom.

David was so pleased with how the staircase had come out that he did a big ‘reveal’. He called us both over and had the door shut. Lots of ooo’s and aah’s. It is STUNNING. This was stained black!

The very old and rickety side to the staircase which we love as it is so rustic. Needs a bit more work but looks fabulous. This was painted in black gloss!

Bloody hell grey ‘dunes’ are now being created on the ground floor.

David has now moved to the front of the house. You can see our neighbours windows on the right that were cleaned 2 days ago.

Tackling the sitting room window.

It’s a bit tricky around the grape vine.

The old front door that Cat had spent 4 days cleaning with Nitromors and lots of elbow grease. This took David about 5 minutes to finish.

The front door lintel is relatively recent, but still has come up beautifully.

The dining room window showing the dramatic difference as he cleans. Must be a very satisfying job.


After. We LOVE this lintel, the knots in the timber are gorgeous!

The inside of the house is COVERED in grey. It’s not white anymore as it has mixed with the dirt/paint/varnish that has been removed and is now grey. Absolutely EVERYTHING is grey.

You can see it all over the lovely wall in the dining room. It’s not only settled on the stone walls but it’s also ingrained into all the timbers. To remove it involves brushing it out, but not just a light brush, you have to go over it again and again to get it off as it bonds to the surface… OMFG.

Considering keeping the toilet in the dining room and making a feature of it as one of the chairs for the dining table…

We both spent a couple of hours brushing down the walls that we are keeping exposed. Bloody hell it is hard work. Each stone takes quite a lot of brushing. And we have the whole house to do. F***! We only have the weekend, but we do have help.

Colin will help on Saturday and Ken and Cameron (cousin’s family) will hopefully help on Sunday. Colin is going to bring a couple of compressors with airlines that he thinks will help blow the soda off the walls…

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