Soda blasting, day 2

David and Neil are back, have finished off the ground floor and are moving up to the first floor. We gave up on the cleaning last night. There is little point until they have finished as each day everything gets covered in a thick layer of white dust.

We are so pleased with how these doors have cleaned up. The elm kitchen door on the right is particularly beautiful.

The door from the dining room to the sitting room which fell off with the frame still attached. Cat has scraped off the thick filler, ready for blasting in the workshop.

We could stage a lunar landing in our house. The dust is getting deeper by the hour…

Looks like a very fine dusting of icing sugar.

Two 25kg bags do not last long, and the more they use the more ends up on the floor…

The cobwebs are very pretty though, not sure the spiders think so.

Another beautiful door. This had years of thick, white gloss paint.

Cat looking pretty chuffed.

One of many fabulous stones filled with fossils.

There is still much work to be done to the timbers. Any thick lumps of paint and filler needs to be removed, then a light sand, then they need to be oiled. A mammoth task ahead of us…

Moving on up to the loft.

Which is when the machine stopped, technical problems, so they called it a day and will finish up tomorrow.

Even the outside is covered in dust.

We were so ridiculously excited to see the timbers in the loft and they didn’t disappoint.

They look AMAZING!

This makes us so EXCITED!

3-4 hundred year old timbers and they STILL have the bark on!

WOW. We can go to sleep happy 🙂

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