Fitting our lovely tiles

Monday morning and the bathroom tiling has begun! We’ve waited a long time for this day, to see our awesome tiles go up on the shower walls, so we are super excited today!

Shaun the tiler has stepped in as our tiler has had to self isolate. We are hugely grateful to him!

Today we have 6 plasterers working on the house! Mike is throwing all his guys at the house to try and finish before the end of the week. So we have Charlie, Alan, Mitch, Dan (here mixing the lime top coat up for the sitting room wall), Jo and Mike.

Before 9am Dan had already got the lime top coat on the sitting room wall. After a few hours, to allow it to go off, it will be ready to smooth down and finish.

Dan is now working on the landing area outside Cat’s bedroom, wetting down the walls ready for the top coat of lime.

Charlie is working on the most awkward (and quite frankly dangerous) areas of ceiling and wall at the top of the stairwell. Not a great place to be balanced on top of a ladder, when the house is full of people going up and down the stairs underneath him with buckets of plaster!

Jesus christ Charlie! Terrifying, but likely how we are going to be painting the stairwell…

Dan adding the lime top coat to the landing walls already!

TILES! And they look gorgeous! Oh my god we are so excited!

Mike and Jo have been busy tidying up the house and site all morning so the skip is filling up!

These are the empty lime crates. We have used 10 crates of lime plaster in total, each crate weighs a tonne so we have 10 tonnes of lime in the house! Much of this lime was moved single handedly by Mitch!

Mitch and Jo shifting the last of the lime crates.

Shaun has set up his tile cutter on the landing, which was a bit like Piccadilly Circus today with people coming and going, so hats off to him for his patience and tolerance!

Look at the lovely tiles!

Working out the dimensions of the wall outlet for the shower hose, so Shaun can cut the hole in the tile to the correct diameter.

One of the shower niches has been tiled.

Mitch is repairing the ceiling in Cat’s bedroom. He has added plasterboard over the holes and is already painting the PVA mixture on ready for the plaster to be added.

Mike is repairing the walls around the windows in Cat’s bedroom and the end room where we had to knock out the plaster to repair the oak windows.

We are so delighted with how these tiles look. They have no repeating patterns so every tile is completely different.

Shaun adding the tile over the shower controls and shower hose wall outlet. We like how fastidious he is with the details. These have to be millimetre perfect!

Alan finished off the plastering in the attic this morning and has started work on the two walls on the landing where the staircase will be.

It has been a very busy house today, with an even busier day promised tomorrow. As it gets dark, the lights shine out through our lovely windows and the house comes alive!

The finished lime plaster in the sitting room. Can you see the poo pipe?

Alan has added plasterboard around the stair opening on the landing and is adding the first coat of plaster.


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