Scaffold goes topless

The scaffolders return today to remove the tin roof and the sheets around the sides (which have been destroyed by a few storms). The four of them form a chain to pass the metal sheets down from the top.

The first peek of our new dormer windows. They look lovely! Although we have spotted a problem… You can only see this from the ground. Either side of the dormers, just beneath the joist ends that are visible, we can see white Celotex insulation… There should be something covering this so it is not visible. Arse. We have one more week before the scaffold comes down so we need to get this sorted ASAP. Damn it. Need to make some phone calls.

Jasper in his cone of shame is ‘helping’ Cat break down scripts.

Last night Glynn popped by to collect the old front door for repair in the workshop. While he was here he fitted the bathroom window seat so the plasterers can plaster the back wall, on top of the oak. Thank you Glynn!

The gap in the doorway between the landing and Cat’s bedroom has been temporarily filled in so you can no longer see the sun through it. The tiles on the roof next to this gap were removed so Tom could raise the lintels in the doorway (the doorway was less than 5 foot high). Now the tiles can go back on as they have something to fix to.

The metal sheets have all been removed from the scaffold.

It looks so different without the lid on the scaffold.

The roof on the other half of the house, phase two, you can see why this needs doing soon…

A lesson in how not to construct a roof.

George fixed all the old guttering back on the roof yesterday as tonight it is due to rain heavily and the last thing we want is a flooded house or soaking wet walls.

Scaffold poles being brought down, and a very overloaded skip in the foreground (this is being changed today).

These large scaffold beams that supported the tin roof are being removed. To do this Jamie walks along the ridge of the roof while carrying the long beam like a tight rope walker! Terrifying! See below…

Uh oh! The stone with our telephone line attached to it has split and fallen off the corner of the house. The only thing keeping it up is the scaffold. Something else we will need to get fixed before the scaffold comes down next week. Hoping the TV aerial man might move it to the stone above if we pay him a little more on Friday…

We have added this to the scaffold directly above the hole in the roof of Cat’s bedroom to stop any rain getting through tonight.

Ooo the roof is looking fantastic from the road! This is the first time we have seen it from here as it has been hidden until now.

Jasper’s had enough of work for today.

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