The return of the dust monster II

We thought we had seen the last of the dust monster but no! The sun’s out, the doors are open (ah!!) and everything is getting covered in dust…

Tom is working through the pile of stone and cutting the really big pieces using the angle grinder and the axe. This is a massive piece of Hornton blue that was taken up from our front path when we had to replace the mains water pipe 3 years ago but never got put back as no-one could move it.

What would have originally been an old flagstone inside, then used to make the ‘crazy paving’ outside, is being recycled once again to build the retaining wall for the garden.

George is pointing up the brackets for the guttering and tidying bits at the top of the wall that couldn’t be reached when the scaffold was in the way.

A sail, a sail! (for all you Stratfordians)

Lovely pieces of Hornton blue, freshly cut to size.

Tom is sorting all the stone, getting it ready to start building the wall tomorrow.

George enjoying his job.

Dan planing oak for the architrave around the bathroom door frame.

The two bathroom shelves made from one of the old elm boards. The texture and old repairs on these are fabulous. Perfectly imperfect.


    1. I know right. Double ‘ard bastards. I think Tom did put on some yellow marigolds when he was dealing with the resin used for the Helibars, but other than that nothing!

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