Carpet bonus

Our lovely neighbours were having a new carpet fitted in their sitting room and have offered us their old one. It is only a couple of years old but has a coffee stain on one end (hence replacing it) which we will cut out. This is perfect for Cat’s bedroom as the old carpet in there is filled with stone dust and plaster.

Colin and our cousin Ken come over to help Cat shift the carpet upstairs. It was quite a mission between 3 of them and the Corex sheets worked brilliantly at protecting the lime plaster.

These 2 rolls of carpet will be stored in Zanna’s bedroom for now, out of everyone’s way.

Ken and Colin then emptied Cat’s bedroom of old timber and rubbish which got moved into the garage or the skip.

All the timber came out of the house through Cat’s bedroom window.

They then cut up and removed the old, dusty carpet, taking it out through the window and straight into the skip.

The crap underlay can stay and protect the floor for now.

Woo hoo! Cat has moved on to paint the end wall in the attic in F&B’s De Nimes and it looks great!

Colin offering moral support and easter eggs. He only popped by to move the carpet but ended up spending a couple of hours clearing and hoovering Cat’s room!

Et voila! Within half an hour we have a first coat and a great idea of how the finished room will look and we love it 🙂

Friday morning and Cat has primed and painted one top coat on the skirting ready for Glynn to fit tomorrow in the bathroom.

Cat has found a couple of good, strong pieces of old elm floorboards that Glynn will use as blocks underneath the feet of the bath. These will be used to level the bath and to spread the weight through the feet, protecting the old floorboards underneath.

A second coat of De Nimes is being added to the end wall in the attic. This will need 3 coats as it is still a bit patchy, not uncommon for darker colours.

Viewing the end wall in the attic from the landing below. It looks fabulous and is just the right shade of grey/blue that we were after.

Andrew our plumber is back today to fit this tiny radiator on the landing and do some more work on the bathroom.

Tiny radiator!

Of course the bloody pipes are not in the right place (yet again), so Andrew has to work his magic with the copper pipes…

Cat’s bedroom, empty, clean and waiting to be painted.

Andrew has fitted the riser rail for the shower and I ordered new valve dials to replace the ones that are damaged. These should arrive early next week so the shower can be finished!

Andrew has struggled to get the board of marine ply under the feet of the shower tray. The plan was to put board under all the feet but this is simply not possible due to the waste pipes at one end, but he has managed to get some under the feet where the floorboard had collapsed under the weight.

Cat nearing the end of the attic. It took 2 days to cut in and about 2 hours to roller 2 coats on the walls!


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