Earth, we have a problem

Sunday morning and Cat is painting the sitting room ceiling, a job she has understandably been putting off for a while as there is SO MUCH cutting in and her arms and neck are already hurting… Our brass lights are well wrapped up to protect from the paint. Another epic task. It’s all about the… Continue reading Earth, we have a problem

Skirting & rads

The next deadline is to get the skirting boards caulked and painted before Tuesday when Andrew arrives to fit the radiators. Cat has caulked them and is now painting a line of the wall colour along the caulk, where it joins the wall. Normally you would paint the wall with skirting already on, so you… Continue reading Skirting & rads


Is Spring here already? For the weekend, yes it appears it is. It’s a balmy 20+ degrees here today, 3 weeks ago it was -8! Jasper the dog is helping his best mate Colin roll up the membrane for the front pathway. When I say helping… Going through the buckets and bags of lime plaster… Continue reading Ladyholme